The 5 Voices and Improving Teacher Training for Behaviour

Effective teacher training incorporates activities and teaching that prepares trainees to manage behaviour confidently and with authority.

Personal style  

  • Trainees should understand that they are responsible for ensuring the highest standards of behaviour from their pupils
  • Trainees should have developed their own personal style for managing behaviour. Knowledge of generic behaviour management systems and techniques is essential; the way they are used depends on the attributes of individual teachers and the context in which they are teaching.
  • Trainees should be able to vary the tone and volume of their voice to teach effectively and manage behaviour.

The 5 Voices is a voice training model built upon the ability to vary the tone, pitch and volume of the voice to suit all educational situations, from one to one confidentiality to open air PE instruction; from the encouraging to the disciplining.

  • Trainees should know how to look after their voice

The 5voices training model incorporates tried and tested vocal skills and techniques from the performing arts and speech language therapy, combining the creative with the scientific. By practising the different voices trainees have the opportunity to learn how to increase and decrease their volume and raise and lower their pitch safely. They also learn strategies to keep their voices healthy, strong and flexible throughout their teaching careers.

  • Trainees should understand how to stand, move, make use of space and use eye contact in-order to be an authoritative presence in the classroom.

The 5voices training model promotes the use of good postural alignment and the release of inappropriate muscular tension, which not only supports effective vocal delivery, but also aids in the ability to create focus and presence in the classroom.


  • Trainees should understand what effect their responses, both verbal and non-verbal, can have on children’s behaviour. They should be able to manage their own emotions when they are teaching.

The 5voices training model allows trainees to practice different voices in a role play situation, giving them the opportunity to experience different tones of voice outside the often emotive confines of a behavior management situation. They can experiment with and explore unfamiliar voices, separated from their own emotions and learn how to use them effectively.


  • Trainees should be able to reflect on the way they manage behaviour and their classrooms and be prepared to change what isn’t working well.

The 5voices training model, when rolled out to mentors and personal tutors creates a common language for everyone to talk about voice and set targets for improvement in classroom performance.