All Tutors for the 5voices have the relevant and specific qualifications
to teach voice and all are fully insured to do so.

The 5 Voices Training Programme

A Voice Training model for Education

At its core the 5voices is about identifying and learning to execute different tones of voice, which help create an effective teaching and learning environment in the classroom. When teachers use their voices effectively students process information more quickly and classroom behaviour is better. In the training teachers practise varying their voices to suit different teaching situations using specific vocal techniques. Teachers are also introduced to the basic vocal techniques of postural alignment, breath support, resonance and articulation as well as the more advanced vocal delivery skills: pace, pitch, rhythm, intonation and inflection. The result of which is having a voice that is not only more authoritative and interesting to listen to, but is healthy, strong and flexible – a voice that will support them throughout their teaching careers.

School photographs on this website courtesy of Sinclair House School, Fulham, Arnhem Wharf Primary School, Tower Hamlets, Southborough Primary School, Bromley, and Grey Court School, Richmond.