The 5voices Training Programme

Get the 5voices Training Programme in your school, university, department, or organisation and discover the positive effect of vocal training.

The 5voices Training Programme helps professional speakers such as teachers, lecturers and managers identify and learn to properly use different tones of voice, which help create an effective environment for teaching, motivating and inspiring listeners.

You will find a wealth of information on this website about The 5voices and how to better implement them in your communication with your students or team. Our resource booklets are available to download for free and these will help you understand the importance of vocal variation in your professional communication.

As well as our freely available resources, we also deliver in-person and live online training packages, bespoke to the needs of your school, university department or company.

What is the basis of The 5voices approach?

Our 5voices model incorporates tried and tested vocal skills and techniques from the performing arts and speech language therapy, combining the creative with the scientific. By practising the different voices, our students can learn how to increase and decrease their volume and raise and lower their pitch safely. They also learn strategies to keep their voices healthy, strong and flexible throughout their careers.

It is a voice training model built upon the ability to vary the tone, pitch and volume of the voice to suit all educational situations, from one-to-one confidentiality to open-air PE instruction, from the encouraging to the disciplining. 

As well as the specifics of voice, we also promote the use of good postural alignment and the release of inappropriate muscular tension, which not only supports effective vocal delivery but also aids in the ability to create focus and presence in the classroom.

In our training, we allow our students to practise different voices in roleplay scenarios, giving them the opportunity to experience different tones of voice outside the often-emotive confines of a behaviour management situation. They can experiment with and explore unfamiliar voices, separated from their own emotions and learn how to use them effectively.

When rolled out to mentors and personal tutors, The 5voices Training Programme creates a common language for everyone to talk about voice and set targets for improvement in classroom performance.

Courses for Educators

We provide short courses tailored to educators such as teachers and trainee teachers, mentors, lecturers and visiting tutors. We also provide short CPD Courses for those in the education sector such as teachers, LSAs and HTLAs, midday supervisors, senior school management, ECTs and office staff.

Our training is customised to the needs of your school, university, college or organisation and most of our training packages include support materials, as well as assessment materials for initial teacher training input.

Courses for other sectors

Whilst our approach was developed to address voice problems in the classroom, we have also successfully adapted and delivered voice training to private sector clients, public sector bodies and individuals in need of coaching, including actors, lawyers and clergy.

Our training is customised to the needs of you or your organisation and most of our training packages include support materials.

Self-Analysis Voice Test

You will need to be able to use your voice at a professional skills level in order to communicate effectively in the classroom.  Read and consider the following statements.  Mark each statement yes or no according to your view of your voice.

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