Speech Language Therapy Referrals

Refer your patient with confidence

The 5voices provide effective support upon referrals for patients with voice and speaking challenges and a track record and reputation for strong outcomes.

If you are looking for a trusted vocal training provider to refer your patient to, we can help. As a trusted partner to numerous SLTs across the UK, we can provide the voice support that your patient needs to improve their health outcomes.

You may have tried other training partners in the past who have proved less reliable or not achieved the results they promised, but with our proven track record of results with SLT referrals as well as across the education, public and private sectors, we are confident that our training will help your patient recover and improve their vocal strength.

Refer your patients with confidence using our 5voices approach which is proven to help individuals restore their voice and get back to being healthy.

Here’s how we can help

Our 5voices training has helped hundreds of patients from SLT referrals to understand proper voice care. By referring your patient to The 5voices or engaging with our resources, they will learn how to effectively use their voices again, as well as protect it from damage and strain.  Discover how we can help here.

Give your patients reliable, effective support

You can rest easy that your patient will receive the best support and voice training currently on offer with The 5voices. We have proven strong patient outcomes with hundreds of patients with our tried and tested approach.  We always provide an excellent standard of care and SLTs refer to The 5voices time and again with their patients as they’re so satisfied with the level of service we provide.

We are confident in the service we provide to referring SLTs and SLTs have a similar confidence in us, as we are regularly invited to deliver workshops at Speech and Language Therapy events throughout the UK.

Success stories

“Since sharing this framework with teachers in my clinic, they have described a penny drop moment when they identify being stuck in one voice for the majority of the day… Some teachers have described the relief, both physical and emotional, of freeing themselves from the constant use of the firm voice and exploring other voices. They have also commented on the improved pupil behaviour that has ensued.  It has been rewarding to see a new kind of vocal and personal development in the clients I have used The 5voices with.”

Helen Bryant SLT, Voice Disorders Unit, St. Thomas’ Hospital London.

Self-Analysis Voice Test

You will need to be able to use your voice at a professional skills level in order to communicate effectively in the classroom.  Read and consider the following statements.  Mark each statement yes or no according to your view of your voice.

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