Looking to support the lecturer's voice?

Our 5voices training gives lecturers all the tools they need to master their voice, avoid voice problems and maintain their students’ attention.

Are you struggling to manage staff absences due to voice problems? With an ever-increasing focus on university fees and value for money, the idea of staff absence due to losing their voice is a concern. More cancelled lectures can often equal more bad press for your department or university.

Do you need to find ways of improving learning outcomes across your department? Are you suffering with poor student turn-out in lectures and associated poor academic outcomes at exam time?

Maybe you’ve tried external interventions and training previously that haven’t delivered the outcome that you were led to expect. If your department is suffering with high staff absence and less than ideal learning outcomes, you are not alone. 

If any of this resonates with you, we can help. Our voice training is designed specifically to support lecturers and teachers with proven results to show them how to master their tone of voice to avoid voice issues, stay healthy and enhance performance.

Here’s how we can help

Our 5voices training has helped hundreds of lecturers to understand proper voice care to prevent voice problems and missed teaching days and use the variety in their voices to engage their students and improve learning outcomes. And we can help you to bring in these effective practices at your university or department, too.

Give your lecturers the right support

Our research-backed approach has helped hundreds of lecturers across countless universities in the UK effectively harness the power of voice, enabling them to command control and authority in the lecture theatre, make their teaching truly engaging and improve learning outcomes for their students.

And by bringing in The 5voices in your university or department, you can be confident that you are giving your teaching staff the support they need to care for their own voice health and maximise their teaching success with their students.

By learning the fundamentals of voice care, including daily voice warm-ups and the introduction of variety in their use of voice, your staff are less likely to suffer from the vocal strain and voice problems that can lead to their absence from work.  Instead, you can look forward to keeping more of your staff within the department and continuing in work – giving your students greater consistency of teaching, and enhancing overall performance of the university department through reduced lecture cancellations.

Furthermore, by learning how to effectively use the incredible variety in pace, pitch, power, melody, rhythm and clarity of vocal expression, students become automatically more engaged with their teaching, and classroom management improves as a result. 

When your lecturers are effective at gaining and maintaining attention, the tricky task of keeping students positively engaged becomes infinitely easier, and consequently the likelihood of reduced student turn-out or disruptive behaviour reduces.

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Our 5voices training helps teachers, lecturers and professionals avoid common voice issues and use their voices to command the attention of even the busiest lecture theatre.

Self-Analysis Voice Test

You will need to be able to use your voice at a professional skills level in order to communicate effectively in the classroom.  Read and consider the following statements.  Mark each statement yes or no according to your view of your voice.

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