Hold their attention with your voice!

Our 5voices training gives lecturers all the tools they need to master their voice, avoid voice problems and maintain their students’ attention.

Are you struggling to keep your students’ attention during lectures? Do you often feel like your voice isn’t commanding or authoritative enough to make your points? Do you feel as if you’re not being heard even though your room is filled with students? 

Teaching becomes more difficult when you’re not able to engage your students effectively with your voice, and this can negatively impact their engagement and understanding of the material you deliver. 

Many lecturers worry that their voice is too soft, or not strong enough to hold students’ attention so it feels like an uphill battle every time students get excitable or distracted, as you have no weapons in your arsenal to re-engage them with your material.

Unless you’re able to effectively communicate with your students day-in day-out, they may not fully benefit from your knowledge and expertise in your subject area. You may feel that you’re unable to get your students to share your enthusiasm for the material, feel engaged and receive the full benefit from your teaching. 

And lack of effective engagement within the lecture environment not only impacts on your students’ learning outcomes, but you may worry that it could also hurt your career prospects.

If any of this resonates with you, we can help. Even if you’ve tried everything else, our voice training is designed specifically for those working in education with proven results to help you use exactly the right tone when you need to engage your listeners.

We help education providers​

We have helped teaching staff within many colleges and university departments improve student engagement and learning outcomes, as well as address the costly issue of staff absence due to voice loss and the impact this can have on departmental budgets.

How voice training can help​

By utilising your voice in a more effective way you’re able to speak in a more engaging way, command the respect your material deserves and enable more enjoyment of your teaching for both you and your students.

If you want to engage with The 5voices to help you make improvements in your teaching outcomes and voice health, we have the training you need.

Professional voice training may be the answer if lack of student engagement is upending your lectures and seminars.

Discover how to use your five voices effectively, develop and protect your voice with vocal exercises and care for your voice with soothing practices.

By learning how to master your voice and care for it properly, you can enjoy the confidence that comes from sounding more engaging to your students and may improve learning outcomes.

By reducing lost teaching days through absence and maximising your effectiveness in the lecture theatre, you can ensure you’re always able to give your best when teaching.

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Our 5voices training helps teachers, lecturers and professionals avoid common voice issues and use their voices to command the attention of even the busiest lecture theatre.

Self-Analysis Voice Test

You will need to be able to use your voice at a professional skills level in order to communicate effectively in the classroom.  Read and consider the following statements.  Mark each statement yes or no according to your view of your voice.

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